The Fifth Council Members

1-15Lobo Fung
9-15Sunny Low
Vice President - Administration and General Affairs
7-15Ken Fung
Vice President -
Elderly Affairs and Community Healthcare
8-15Eric Chow
Vice President - Hong Kong Property Management
2-15Andy Chan
Vice President - Intelligent Technology
5-15Andrew Yu
Vice President - Professional Development
6-15Tim Lo
Vice President - Asset Management and ESG
4-15Eddie Leung
Vice President - Mainland Property Management
3-15Boris Wong
Vice President - Architecture and Engineering
10-15Mak Hing Cheong
Secretary General (External Affairs) cum
Chairman, Social Services Committee
11-15Shirley Shek
Secretary General (Internal Affairs) cum
Chairlady, Membership Committee
13-15Raymond Tong
Chairman, Recreation Committee
14-15Thomas Luk
Chairman, Urban Planning Committee
11-15Gary Ng
Chairman, Etiquette & Culture Committee
12-15Davis Leung
Chairman, CSR Committee
12-15Henry Ng
Chairman, Facilities Management Committee
13-15Lilian Ng
Chairlady, Estate Agency Committee
14-15Raymond Shum
Chairman, CPD Committee
12-15Mr. C C Wong
Chairman, Public Housing Committee
13-15Dr. Marco Mak
Chairman, Security & Guarding Committee
15-15Group photo of Council Members