Sound of Property Management

The "Hong Kong Institute of Certified Property Manager" launched a series of short videos on property management, inviting senior practitioners in the industry to share their opinions and experience on hot topics in property management. The video clip is named "Voice of Property Management".

First edition:「Basics」
First episode: "The Work and Importance of Property Management"< /dd>
Second episode: "The Contradiction between Property Management Company and Owner"
Third episode: "How can property management practitioners establish a good and trusting relationship with owners"< /a>
Fourth episode: "How do property management practitioners face the challenge of smart technology"
Fifth episode: "Value-added Services for Shopping Malls and Residential Clubhouses" dd>
Sixth episode: "The Difference Between Early Stage of Property Management and Late Stage of Property Management"

Second edition:「Professional」
First episode: "Environmental Sanitation in Property Management"
Second episode: "Building Equipment Maintenance and Engineering Repair for Property Management"
Third episode: "Property Management Law, Mediation and Arbitration"
Fourth episode: "Property Management and Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development"
Fifth episode: "Financial Management of Property Management"
Sixth episode: "Safety Management of Property Management"

The third series: 「Theme」
First episode: "Home Care Services for Property Management"
Second episode: "Professionalization of Property Management"
Third episode: "Property Management Dispute Resolution"
Fourth episode: "The Etiquette Culture of Property Management"
Fifth episode: "Property Management and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area"
Sixth episode: "Innovation and Technology in Property Management"
Seventh episode: "Property Management and Environmental Sustainability"

The forth series:「Society」
First episode: "Property Management and Building Aging"
Second episode: "Property Management and Minorities"
Third episode: "Property Management and Disadvantaged Communities"
Forth Episode: "Property Management and District Healthcare"