All applications for membership must meet the requirements of the syllabus. The membership categories and qualification requirements are as follows:

1. Honorary fellow members:invited by the institute.

2. Fellow members:Fellow members are invited by the board of directors of the institute or by a registered ordinary member for five years or more. After being formally nominated and approved by the board of directors, they can become fellow members of the institute. Applicants who hold a bachelor's degree and have no less than ten years of work experience in property management or related industries can also directly apply for fellow members.(See details)

3. Ordinary members: have at least five years of experience in the property management industry, and have been nominated by one official member of the association to negotiate with two official members of the association.

4. Affiliated members: full members of other professional bodies recognized by the Institute.

5. Associate members: Anyone whose vocational training or work is related to property management, but their qualifications do not meet the requirements for general membership of the Institute.

6. Student member: Now studying property management related courses approved by the Institute.

7. The following categories of members will be certified as "Property Managers" and can use designated abbreviations:

- Honorary Fellow Hon. F.CPM

- Fellow member F.CPM

- Ordinary member M.CPM